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Notice: This website, Drake Biomedical Institute, is being archived and will no longer be updated after September 2019. For almost 20 years, the Institute, founded by Walter P. Drake, followed the rise and development of adult stem cell therapy both internationally and in the United States. What began as “unproven therapies”, as adult stem cell therapy has always been referred to by the rabid Embryonic Stem Cell crowd (ESC’s are better than ASC’s), adult stem cell treatments are now standard and routine in many countries. Even in the United States, with the passage of the 21st Century Cures Act authorizing and fast tracking adult stem cell therapy, and the rise of the use of the SVF and PRP fractions, adult stem cell therapy, more properly called Mixed Cell Regenerative Medicine, is firmly established.

Walter has now decided to turn his scientific inquiries to plant medicinals for pain and other conditions. He has established a new company, Bengal Bioscience Inc. to research, develop and bring totally new herbal and plant products to market. He believes it is time to move beyond the tired few herbal extracts still being marketed which do largely nothing, and to energize this alternative medicine market with products that actually work, using new modern technologies for extraction, purification, and testing. He and colleague Laurence V. Hicks Sr. have just teamed up on their first paper, destroying the myth that the widely popular herbal extract, Icariin, has any effect on the treatment of Erectile Dysfunction:


Founded in 2005, the goals of the Drake Biomedical Institute were to promote and advance stem cell treatments and stem cell education.

The Founder was Dr. Walter P. Drake, who, in 2005 while in Thailand on a sabbatical of uncertain duration, came across reports of the curing of blindness in a Thai patient through the use of stem cell injections. There came further reports of Thailand establishing a “National Stem Cell Mega Project” to fund and coordinate stem cell therapies. It became clear that a lot of avant-garde research and treatment was going on around the world that was not happening in the USA.

At that time “Embryonic Stem Cells (ESC’S)” were “the thing” and anyone advancing adult stem (ASC) cell research or therapy was branded a religious zealot and ostracized by the bigoted ESC scientists in control of research finding in the US. Of course, the world passed by the US on the way to establishing adult stem cell therapies for our most debilitating diseases.

Now, at the end of 2017, “Embryonic Stem Cells” , having shown not a single therapeutic usefulness or benefit, are no longer “the thing” and you will find few if any research papers mentioning “embryonic stem cells” as the American stem cell bigots, having drained the government research funds for 15 years to build their shiny new institutes and research complexes on the promise of delivering cures with ESC’s, now avoid mentioning ESC’s at all and instead refer to their studies as general stem cell research.

Because of continued interference by the FDA (that a patient’s own stem cells are a drug) as well as the Big Pharma lobby which can only benefit from patentable yet still non-existent embryonic stem cell therapies, what we said in 2005 is still true:

“Americans must get used to the fact that stem cell treatments are only available overseas. You will NOT FIND, as of March 2012 [now, as of December 2017], any stem cell therapies being offered in the USA. It is hoped that as more and more people become educated as to what is available overseas, then the US public will be better equipped to demand similar therapy in the US. You do not need Embryonic Stem Cells. The public does not need to fund embryonic stem cell research except as a basic science along with other inquiries into biology in general. Adult Stem Cells from your own bodies are all that you need. Hopefully, an informed public will be able to bring these miracle treatments to the USA.

There are many treatments of diseases using stem cells that are available to patients now. Unfortunately, at this time, except for bone marrow transplants, the new stuff is ONLY available internationally. Many severe disabling diseases and conditions are being successfully treated overseas in excellent, top-ranked hospitals with world-class facilities, and in many cases, by physicians that trained in the USA.”

Some orthopedic physicians in the US have begun treating their patients with the patient’s own stem cells as a supplement to their surgeries. But even they recognize the limitations of being forced by the FDA to avoid multiplying the patient’s cells to improve dose related therapeutic results, and a few offer the more advanced adult stem cell therapy in their clinics in Mexico. But these little incremental therapies are dinky compared to the treatment advances being offered today at the world-class stem cell therapy centers in Mexico, Thailand, Panama, and Ukraine.

With the creation of our Panama College of Cell Science, offering a 3-year online PhD in stem cell science, we succeeded in our mission to promote education in the “new medicine”…patient specific therapy with adult stem cells. And we now have many graduates able to contribute to the advancement of the field of adult stem cell therapy.

And with our research and essays concerning treatment protocols, we have successfully added to the body of knowledge demonstrating beyond a doubt that adult stem cells (from a patient, or from umbilical cord blood), rather than “embryonic stem cells” created in a lab are the way forward for treating debilitating disease.

With the publication of our paper along with Kristin Comella, America’s leading adult stem cell scientist, the safety of adult stem cell therapies has been clearly established. So the next time you read about the continuing propaganda from the ESC bigots or uninformed regulators that adult stem cell therapies are “unproven”, you can direct them to this peer reviewed clinical paper:

With the publication of this paper, the Drake Biomedical Institute is closing its activities concerning advancing treatments with Adult Stem Cells. The beneficial treatments and availability of stem cell treatments are now well established, if only mostly overseas. 

Update March 2019:

On March 26, 2019, Walter Drake wrote an essay entitled: “Mixed Cell Regenerative Medicine and the 21st Century Cures Act: The Law Authorizing Adult Stem Cell Therapy in the United States” in which he made the case that adult stem cell therapy is now authorized in the United States under the better terminology: “mixed cell regenerative medicine”. He noted further  “And this makes a lot of sense. When blood products containing stem cells are harvested from a patient, whether it be from bone marrow, blood, fatty tissue liposuction, or even from the placenta of newborns, we never have a uniform cell type or even one kind of cell. Rather we have stem cells, various kinds of progenitor cells, blood cells, a mix of platelets, endothelial cells, proteins, messenger molecules and a whole host of biologicals that make up the now popular “stromal vascular fractions” and “platelet-rich fractions” that are currently being used in therapy. Calling the use of these fractions “stem cell therapy” has probably been erroneous. The full essay can be read here: https://stemcellcollege.wordpress.com/2019/03/27/mixed-cell-regenerative-medicine-and-the-21st-century-cures-act-the-law-authorizing-adult-stem-cell-therapy-in-the-united-states/

The Drake Biomedical Institute will now focus its interest on the next big thing: Alternative Medicine…plant extracts and alternative medical procedures that not only work… but are better than what traditional medicine has to offer— a poisonous pill for every symptom.