Adult Stem Cells Come Out of the Closet

The cat is now out of the bag, according to Dr. Walter P. Drake.  When it comes to adult stem cell therapy, US physicians can’t stand being behind the eight ball any longer….are sick of of standing alone and behind the rest of the international medical community as Panama, Thailand, China, Ukraine, and many other countries are using adult autologous stem cell therapies to cure or control many debilitating diseases.

While I have lamented in the past that my home country, the USA, has not even been in hunt for cures using this “new medicine” due largely to being blocked by the Embryonic Stem Cell crowd (embryonic stem cells are superior) and by Big Pharma aided by their revolving door cronies at the US Food and Drug Administration (stem cells are a drug requiring clinical trials), I see the tide now slowly turning finally.

Could it be that a simple story about a popular American professional football player going overseas for stem cell therapy finally has exposed adult stem cell therapy to the light it deserves? That he had to travel to a foreign country for avant-guarde medical care is an embarrassment to the USA medical establishment?

I have said before that a change in US policy toward the rapid deployment of adult stem cell therapies would come when a US President or important member of Congress had to travel overseas for stem cell therapy. Then a new bell would ring in the Halls of Congress and the ridiculous US policy that a patients’ own stem cells are a drug would be dropped. I never expected that this would begin to be achieved because of a sports figure.

Football Quarterback Peyton Manning, who travelled overseas for stem cell therapy which apparently proved effective, has really brought the whole story of adult stem cell therapy to the top of the news:

And now we see that medical practitioners are coming out of the closet. Apparently afraid to talk before for fear of upsetting the embryonic stem cell crowd and their own federal research funding,  it appears that the US National Institute of Health tried autologous adult stem cell therapy on a paralyzed patient who eventually was able to walk. Without FDA approval of course. Because, let’s face it, the NIH houses the best US scientists and medical practitioners. See this recent story and ask yourself, where was this news 6 years ago when the procedure was being done??

Other news can be found here:

I think that what is happening is that people in the USA are finally waking up to the fact that we have a new medicine in adult stem cell therapy and time to get moving on it and catch up to everyone else. For example, although hampered by constant interference by government regulators, and constant criticism by the powerful Embryonic Stem Cell lobby (the “ESC’s are the only way to go” crowd),  the USA has nonetheless managed recently to turn out some terrific therapies using adult stem cells.

Northwestern University, Feinberg School of Medicine, Division of Immunotherapy and Autoimmune Diseases. Lead physician, Dr. Richard K. Burt.    See Also
[Autoimmune Diseases]

And also the Centino-Schultz [Orthopedic conditions]

So I am now excited and hopeful that the flood gates are about to open, and that my home country, the United States of America,  will now embrace this new adult stem cell therapy and assume a world leadership role in curing our most debilitating diseases with a simple tube of a patient’s blood!!

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